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Marion Godman

Affiliated Scholar

Research interests: Natural kinds (especially in the 'special sciences'), philosophy of psychology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mental disorders, applied ethics.

Selected publications

'The Special Science Dilemma and How Culture Solves It', Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (2015): 491–508

'On Blaming and Punishing Psychopaths', with Anneli Jefferson, Criminal Law and Philosophy, forthcoming

'The Social Motivation Hypothesis for Pro-Social Behaviour', with Michiru Nagatsu and Mikko Salmela, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 44 (2014): 563–587

'Why We Do Things Together: The Social Motivation for Joint Action', Philosophical Psychology 26 (2013): 588–603

'Psychiatric Disorders qua Natural Kinds: The Case of the "Apathetic Children"', Biological Theory 7 (2013): 144–152

'Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Philosophy of Medicine: Bodies and Minds in Medicine', with Elselijn Kingma, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (2013): 564–571

'But is it Unique to Nanotechnology? Reframing Nanoethics', Science and Engineering Ethics 14 (2008): 391–403

Book reviews

Review of Hard Luck: How Luck Undermines Free Will and Moral Responsibility by Neil Levy, Analysis 74 (2014): 186–188

Review of Scientific Enquiry and Natural Kinds: From Planets to Mallards by P.D. Magnus, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 28 (2014): 343–346

Recent presentations

'Social Groups Without Shared Agency', Social Complexes; Part and Wholes, Lund University, Sweden, October 2013

'In What Sense, if any, is Gender Not a Natural Kind?', Women, Truth and Action, University of Helsinki, Finland, October 2013

Dynamis Workshop (Finish Network on Metaphysics), University of Tampere, Finland, October 2013

'Historical Essences and Scientific Realism about Species', European Philosophy of Science Association biannual conference, University of Helsinki, Finland, August 2013

'The Primacy of Social Motivation in Cooperation', with Michiru Nagatsu and Mikko Salmela, British Society for Philosophy of Science Annual Conference, University of Exeter, UK, July 2013

'On Blaming and Punishing Psychopaths', with Anneli Jefferson,
Neuroscience and the Law: The work of Stephen Morse, EUI, Florence, Italy, June 2013

'Culture-Bound Syndromes are Socially Learned But Not Socially Constructed', Cultural Evolution, Philosophy and the Emotions, KU Leuven, Belgium, May 2013