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Gabriella Zuccolin

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow

College Research Associate at King's College, Cambridge

I am a historian of medieval medicine, with a background in philosophy. More recently the chronological focus of my historical-medical research has shifted from the Middle Ages to the early modern period. I joined the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in 2014 as a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow. My current research project focuses on the intersection of print culture, women's medicine and the role of vernacularisation in science, 1450–1600.

Research interests

History of medieval and early modern medicine, history of medieval philosophy, history of sexuality, history of physiognomy, scientific culture of Italian courts.


I am currently lecturing and supervising for Part II, Paper 2 (Early Medicine) in HPS. I would be happy to supervise topics relating to the history of reproduction, women's health and childbirth as well as medieval and early modern medicine more generally.

Selected publications


Michele Savonarola, Speculum phisionomie (1442) (contracted with PIMS, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies Press)

Edited books

Michele Savonarola: Medicina e cultura di corte , co-edited with Chiara Crisciani (Firenze: Edizioni del Galluzzo – SISMEL, 2011)

Articles and essays

'Living with Animals at a 15th-Century Court: Physiognomy, Dietetics and Poetry', Ethical Perspectives on Animals, 1400–1650, edited by B. Dohm and C. Muratori (Firenze: Edizioni del Galluzzo – SISMEL, 2013): 65–90

'The Speculum phisionomie by Michele Savonarola', Universalità della Ragione. Pluralità delle Filosofie nel Medioevo / Universalité de la Raison. Pluralité des Philosophies au Moyen Âge / Universality of Reason. Plurality of Philosophies in the Middle Ages (Palermo: Biblioteca dell'Officina di Studi Medievali 14.I, 2012): vol. II.2, 873–886

'Medici a corte e formazione del signore', Costumi educativi nelle corti europee, XIV–XVIII secolo, edited by M. Ferrari (Milano: Franco Angeli Editore, 2010): 77–102

'Les traités médicaux sur les bains d'Aqui Terme, entre XIVe et XVIe siècles', Séjourner aux bain: le thermalisme entre médecine et société, XIVe–XVIe siècles, edited by D. Boisseuil and M. Nicoud (Lyon: PUL, 2010): 31–61

'I chirurghi nel XIV secolo: formazione dottrinale e professionale', Formare alle professioni. Figure della sanità, edited by E. Becchi, M. Ferrari and P. Mazzarello (Milano: Franco Angeli, 2010): 58–78

'L'immaginazione nella fisiognomica medievale', Immaginario e immaginazione nel Medioevo, edited by M. Bettetini and F. Paparella (Louvain la Neuve: FIDEM, 2009): 313–337

'Gravidanza e parto nel Quattrocento: le morti parallele di Beatrice d'Este e Anna Sforza', Quaderni di Artes 2 (2008): 111–145

'Princely Virtues in De felici progressu of Michele Savonarola, Court Physician of the House of Este', Princely Virtues in the Middle Ages, 1200–1500, edited by I.P. Bejczy and C.J. Nederman (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007): 237–258

Online items

'Medical books in the Library of Emmanuel Ximenez', Reading the Inventory: The Possessions of the Portuguese Merchant-Banker Emmanuel Ximenez (1564–1632) in Antwerp (Universität Bern, 2014)

'Nosebleed. The many virtues and names of Yarrow', The Recipes Project: Food, Magic, Science and Medicine (September 2013)

'Astrologia e Medicina dall'Antichità al Rinascimento', Percorsi culturali_Astrologia (BEIC Milan – © 2012 Fondazione Biblioteca Europea di Informazione Cultura)