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Marion Godman

Affiliated Scholar

Research interests: Natural kinds (especially in the 'special sciences'), philosophy of psychology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mental disorders, applied ethics.

Selected publications

Godman, Marion (forthcoming 2021) The Epistemology and Morality of Human Kinds for Routledge Press, Focus in Philosophy series.

Godman, M. (forthcoming 2021) 'Alzheimer's disease and relationships of value', Think: Philosophy for Everyone, Cambridge University Press.

Godman, M., Mallozzi, A. and D. Papineau (2020) 'Essential properties are super-explanatory: Taming the metaphysical necessity', Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 6(3), 316–334.

Godman, M and D. Papineau (2020) 'Species have historical not intrinsic essences' in A. Bianchi (ed.), Language and Reality from a Naturalistic Perspective: Themes from Michael Devitt, (pp. 355–367) Cham: Springer Press.

Godman, M. (2019) 'A Modern Synthesis in Philosophy of Biology' in K. Becker & I. Thomson (eds.), History of Philosophy, 1945 to 2015. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 210–220.

Godman, M. (forthcoming) 'Should Individuals With Psychopathy be Compensated for their Fearlessness?' in B. Donnelly-Lazarov, D. Patterson & P. Raynor (eds.), Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Crimes and Courts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Godman, M. (2017) 'Review of Thomas W. Polger & Lawrence A. Shapiro's The Multiple Realization Book', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Book Reviews, 2007.05.09 (Book Review).

Godman, M. & Jefferson, A. (2017) 'On Blaming and Punishing Psychopaths' in Criminal Law and Philosophy, 11(1), 127–142.

Godman, M. (2015) 'The Special Science Dilemma and How Culture Solves It' in Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 93(3), 491–508.

Godman, M., Nagatsu, M. and M. Salmela (2014) 'The Social Motivation Hypothesis for Pro-social Behaviour' in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 44(5), 563–587.

Selected presentations

'The Trouble with Gender Generics', Philosophy colloquium, Tartu University, Estonia. Oct 2017

'Is Ethnicity Porous Both Ways?', The Philosophy of David Papineau, University of London/KCL, UK. Oct 2017

'Parsimony and Species Essentialism', Sober's simplicity, one-day workshop, Copenhagen University. Oct 2017

'A Relationship of Value: The Social Intellect of Those with Intellectual Disabilities', Helsinki Symposium on Profound Intellectual Disability, MayVik, Finland. June 2017

'Do Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts and Corporations Enable Psychopaths?', Moral Responsibility: Hard Cases, University of Birmingham, UK. May 2017

'Species have Historical, not Intrinsic Essences' (with David Papineau), Workshop on Biological Essentialism, York University, UK. May 2017

'Toward the Historical-Reproductive Unity of Social Membership', Philosophy of Borders, CEU, Budapest, Hungary. Feb 2017

'What Can I Learn About Myself from Correlational Psychology?' (with Martin Bellander), British Society for Philosophy of Science conference, Cardiff, Wales. Jul 2016