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Research Fellows and Teaching Associates

Dr Salim Al-Gailani
History of medicine and the life sciences since 1800

Dr Leah Astbury
Early modern medicine; history of reproduction; history of the body; domestic medicine; the family; gender

Dr Jenny Bangham
Inscriptions and paper tools; the politics of genetics and genomics; public health

Dr Riana Betzler
Philosophy of cognitive science, medicine and biology

Dr Agnes Bolinska
Part III Manager
General philosophy of science; history and philosophy of 20th-century molecular biology

Dr Sarah Bull
Nineteenth-century medicine; medical print culture; history of sexuality

Dr Andrew Buskell
Philosophy of the biological, cognitive and social sciences

Dr Matt Farr
Philosophy of science and metaphysics

Dr Jessica Hamel-Akré
Medicine and literature in the long eighteenth century; social history of women's food refusal; philosophy of appetite control

Dr Boris Jardine
Modernism and the sciences; scientific instrumentation; the history of the book

Professor Nick Jardine (Emeritus Professor)
Early-modern cosmology; historiography of the sciences; history of natural history

Dr Natalie Kaoukji
Early modern natural philosophy and medicine

Dr Joseph D. Martin
MPhil Manager (HPSM); Graduate Training Officer
History of American physical sciences and technology

Dr Richard A. McKay
Twentieth-century history of medicine and public health

Dr Rune Nyrup
Reasoning in science

Dr Jesse Olszynko-Gryn
Social history of medicine, technology and the media since 1900

Dr Rob Ralley
Social history of natural philosophy, medicine and magic

Dr Carolin Schmitz
History of medicine in early modern Spain