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Research Fellows and Teaching Associates

Dr Salim Al-Gailani
History of medicine and the life sciences since 1800

Dr Jenny Bangham
Inscriptions and paper tools; the politics of genetics and genomics; public health

Dr Riana Betzler
Philosophy of cognitive science, medicine and biology

Dr Agnes Bolinska
Part III Manager
General philosophy of science; history and philosophy of 20th-century molecular biology

Dr Sarah Bull
Nineteenth-century medicine; medical print culture; history of sexuality

Dr Andrew Buskell
Philosophy of the biological, cognitive and social sciences

Dr Matt Farr
Philosophy of science and metaphysics

Dr Jessica Hamel-Akré
Medicine and literature in the long eighteenth century; social history of women's food refusal; philosophy of appetite control

Dr Boris Jardine
Modernism and the sciences; scientific instrumentation; the history of the book

Professor Nick Jardine (Emeritus Professor)
Early-modern cosmology; historiography of the sciences; history of natural history

Dr Natalie Kaoukji
Early modern natural philosophy and medicine

Dr Joseph D. Martin
MPhil Manager (HPSM); Graduate Training Officer
History of American physical sciences and technology

Dr Richard A. McKay
Twentieth-century history of medicine and public health

Dr Rune Nyrup
Reasoning in science

Dr Jesse Olszynko-Gryn
Social history of medicine, technology and the media since 1900

Dr Rob Ralley
Social history of natural philosophy, medicine and magic