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Matt Farr

Teaching Associate in Philosophy of Science

Matt Farr is a Teaching Associate in philosophy of science. Before joining the Department, Matt was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland (2014–2017) and the University of Sydney (2013–2014), and was awarded his PhD in Philosophy by the University of Bristol in 2013.

Research interests

Matt's research covers foundational issues in the philosophy of science and metaphysics. The main focus of his work is on philosophical problems concerning time and causality, and their role in the sciences, with particular focus on the philosophy of physics and cognitive science. His wider interests include the relationship between science and metaphysics, the interpretation of quantum mechanics, and the concept of personal identity over time.

Selected publications

'Explaining Temporal Qualia'European Journal for Philosophy of Science (Forthcoming).

'Causation and Time Reversal', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2018, online).

'Temporal Experience, Temporal Passage and the Cognitive Sciences' [With S. Baron, J. Cusbert, M. Kon & K. Miller], Philosophy Compass 10 (2015), pp. 560–571.

'A Relic of a Bygone Age? Causation, Time Symmetry and the Directionality Argument' [With A. Reutlinger], Erkenntnis 78 (2013), pp. 215–235.

'On A- and B-Theoretic Elements of Branching Spacetimes', Synthese 188 (2012), pp. 85–116.