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Boris Jardine

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow supported by the Isaac Newton Trust

Boris Jardine's research project 'The Lost Museums of Cambridge Science, 1865–1936' tells the story of the 'New Museums Site' in the centre of Cambridge, focusing on the way in which collections were amassed and then dispersed in the various museums that once occupied the site. His research deals with the history of the instruments and material culture of science. Jardine was previously Curator of History of Science at the Science Museum (London), and Munby Fellow in Bibliography at the Cambridge University Library (2014/15).

Jardine is also completing a book project with the working title The Plans for Utopia: Modernism and the Sciences in Interwar Britain. This is the culmination of his PhD research into the social survey movement Mass-Observation, and the links between socialist scientists and artists in the 1930s.

Research interests: Scientific instruments; architecture and science; the history of the book; history of museums; history of collections; material culture; modernism and the sciences; Mass-Observation and interwar social science.

Selected publications

'Instruments of Statecraft: Humphrey Cole, Elizabethan Economic Policy and the Rise of Practical mathematics', Annals of Science 75 (2018), pp. 304–329

'Paper Tools: The State of the Field', Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science 64 (2017): 53–63

'More than Mensing? Revisiting the Question of Fake Scientific Instruments', Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society 131 (2017), pp. 12–19, with J. Nall and J. Hyslop

'Reverse-Printed Paper Instruments (With a Note on the First Slide-Rule)', Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society 128 (2016): 36–42

'Made Real: Artifice and Accuracy in Nineteenth-Century Scientific Illustration', Science Museum Group Journal 2 (2014)

'Critical Editing of Early-Modern Astronomical Diagrams', Journal of the History of Astronomy 41 (2010): 393–414

'Between the Beagle and the Barnacle: Darwin's Microscopy, 1837–1854', Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science 40, special issue on scientific instrumentation (2009): 382–395

'Collections and Projections: Henry Sutton's Paper Instruments', with Catherine Eagleton, Journal of the History of Collections 17 (2005): 1–13

Boris Jardine