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Olesya Bondarenko

PhD student

College: St John's

Supervisors: Tim Lewens and Anna Alexandrova

Working thesis topic: The "biosocial turn" in the human sciences: conceptual and social epistemological issues

Research interests: philosophy of biology, philosophy of social sciences, social epistemology of science, topics in general philosophy of science (particularly pluralism and integration)

My research addresses the conceptual and social epistemological questions that emerge in scientific projects at the interface between contemporary biology and social science (such as gene-environment studies and sociogenomics). One of my key concerns is the social environment as it is represented and measured within these integrative studies. Another concern is the implications of the new research tools coming from genetics (such as the polygenic scores) for social scientific categories and explanatory strategies. Among other things, I address the question of whether or not the use of these tools can inform a revisionist stance with regard to the existing conceptual apparatus of specific social sciences. 

Previous education

Master of Arts in Philosophy (with an Advanced Certificate in Science Studies), Central European University, 2017

Conference talks

"Whither the biosocial? Local epistemic goals and collective interests in integrative biosocial research", ISHPSSB Biennial Meeting, Oslo, Norway, 10 July 2019. 


Faculty of Biology "Social Context of Health and Illness" (seminar leader).

HPS Paper 5 - "Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science" (supervisor). 

HPS Paper 6 - "Ethics and Politics of Science and Medicine" (supervisor).