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Rory D. Kent

PhD student

College: King's
Supervisors: Hasok Chang and Stephen John
Thesis topic: The politics and ethics of Paul Feyerbend
Research interests: philosophy of science, political philosophy, feminist epistemology, decolonial theory, leftist politics.

My project aims to characterise the political and ethical dimensions Paul Feyerabend's post-1970 work. More specifically, I will examine the ways in which Feyerabend's anti-colonialism relates to his methodological and cosmological pluralisms. Further, I hope to contribute to recent attempts at developing a "liberatory" epistemology by articulating how Feyerabendianism provides a useful framework understanding relations between science and power.

I co-organise the Cambridge chapter for Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), an international organisation which promotes the activity of women, LGBTQ+ people, people of colour and other marginalised people in academic philosophy.