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Rory Kent

PhD student

College: King's
Supervisors: Hasok Chang and Stephen John
Thesis topic: The Liberatory Epistemology of Paul Feyerabend
Research interests: philosophy of science, political philosophy, feminist epistemology, Marxism and critical theory.

My PhD thesis concerns the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend (1924-1994), especially with regards to its socio-political implications. In it I aim to produce a constructive account of Feyerabend's political philosophy of science and explore its potential as the basis for a 'liberatory' epistemology of science, i.e. one which is sensitive and geared towards issues of social justice and emancipation. In the process I exam Feyerabend's philosophical relationship to Marxist critical theorists.


In 2020-21, I will be supervising undergraduates taking the following papers, across History & Philosophy of Science (typically as part of the Natural Sciences Tripos) and the Philosophy Tripos:

  • HPS Part IB HPS2: Philosophy of Science
  • HPS Part II Paper 4: Philosophy of Economics
  • HPS Part II Paper 5: Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science
  • HPS Part II Paper 6: Ethics and Politics of Science and Medicine
  • Philosophy Part IA Paper 1: Metaphysics
  • Philosophy Part IA Paper 2: Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy Part IB Paper 2: History of Analytic Philosophy
  • Philosophy Part IB Paper 3: Ethics
  • Philosophy Part II Paper 3: Ethics

In 2020 I supervised a visiting student for their undergraduate dissertation in bioethics.


I co-organise the Cambridge chapter for Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), an international organisation which promotes the participation of marginalised people in academic philosophy. I run the Power and Identity in Philosophy of Science reading group.