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Mary Augusta Brazelton

University Lecturer in Global Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine

I am University Lecturer in Global Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine. My book, Mass Vaccination: Citizens' Bodies and State Power in Modern China, examines the history of mass immunization in twentieth-century China. It suggests that the origins of the vaccination policies that eradicated smallpox and controlled other infectious diseases in the 1950s, providing an important basis for the emergence of Chinese health policy as a model for global health, can be traced to research and development in southwest China during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

My research interests lie broadly in historical intersections of science, technology, and medicine in China and around the world. Current projects include a collaborative exploration of the history of transportation technologies, with particular interests in transnational histories of civil aviation, and a study of the history of penicillin development in China. I received my PhD in History from Yale and have taught at Tufts University.

At Cambridge, I am also an affiliated lecturer in East Asian Studies at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and an associate member of the World History Subject Group in the History Faculty, as well as a Research Fellow of the Needham Research Institute. I am Director of Studies for HPS at Lucy Cavendish and St Catharine's Colleges. Additionally, I am a Council member of the British Association of Chinese Studies. Potential students may get in touch by emailing mab94 at cam dot ac dot uk.

I also organize a Manchu language study group, which meets regularly for text-reading sessions during term. See here for an introduction to this language and its historical significance, and here for a Manchu word of the day.

Research interests

Global studies of science, technology and medicine; history of medicine and the life sciences in modern China; history of transportation technologies in the twentieth century; history of international and global health.


Mass Vaccination: Citizens' Bodies and State Power in Modern China (Cornell, 2019). A Study of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. Published with the support of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation. Read a feature here. Download a list of the book's Chinese sources that includes characters here.

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"Engineering Health: Technologies of Immunization in China's Wartime Hinterland, 1937–45." Technology and Culture 60, no. 2 (April 2019): 409-37. This article received the Zhu Kezhen Senior Award from the International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine in 2019.

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Recording of a recent talk at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s Centre for History in Public Health: < immunity-mass-vaccination-modern-china-east-asia-1945-75/>