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Richard Staley

Rausing Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science

Research interests: The history of the physical sciences (broadly construed) from the 19th century to the present.

Selected publications

Einstein's Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008)

'Ernst Mach on Bodies and Buckets', Physics Today 66.12 (2013): 42–47

'Trajectories in the History and Historiography of Physics in the Twentieth Century', History of Science 51 (2013): 151–177

'Conversions, Dreams, Defining Aims? Following Boas and Malinowski, Physics and Anthropology, through Laboratory and Field', History of Anthropology Newsletter 39.2 (December 2012): 3–10

'Culture and Mechanics in Germany, 1869–1918: A Sketch', Weimar Culture and Quantum Mechanics: Selected Papers by Paul Forman and Contemporary Perspectives on the Forman Thesis, edited by Cathryn Carson, Alexei Kojevnikov and Helmuth Trischler (London/Singapore: Imperial College Press/World Scientific, 2011): 277–292

'Michelson and the Observatory: Physics and the Astronomical Community in Late Nineteenth Century America', The Heavens on Earth: Observatory Techniques in Nineteenth-Century Science, edited by David Aubin, Charlotte Bigg and H. Otto Sibum (Durham/London: Duke University Press, 2010): 225–252

'The Fin de Siècle Thesis', Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 31 (2008): 311–330

'Fog, Dust and Rising Air: Understanding Cloud Formation, Cloud Chambers, and the Role of Meteorology in Cambridge Physics in the Late 19th Century', Intimate Universality: Local and Global Themes in the History of Weather and Climate, edited by James R. Fleming, Vladimir Jankovic and Deborah Coen (New York: Science History Publications, 2006): 93–113

Richard Staley