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Richard Staley

Rausing Lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science

Research interests: The history of the physical sciences (broadly construed) from the 19th century to the present.

Selected publications

'Ether and Aesthetics in the Dialogue between Relativists and their Critics', in Jaume Navarro, ed. Ether and Modernity: The Recalcitrance of an Epistemic Object in the Early Twentieth Century (Oxford: Oxford University Press, expected publ. September 2018)

'The Interwar Period as a Machine Age: Mechanics, The Machine, Mechanisms and The Market in Discourse', Science in Context 31:3 (2018), 263–292

'Sensory Studies, or When Physics was Psychophysics: Ernst Mach and Physics between Physiology and Psychology, 1860–71', History of Science (2018)

'Understanding Climate Change Historically', in Alexander Elliott, James Cullis and Vinita Damodaran, eds. Climate Change and the Humanities: Historical, Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Contemporary Environmental Crisis (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2017), pp. 43–68

Einstein's Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008)

'Ernst Mach on Bodies and Buckets', Physics Today 66.12 (2013): 42–47

'Trajectories in the History and Historiography of Physics in the Twentieth Century', History of Science 51 (2013): 151–177

'Conversions, Dreams, Defining Aims? Following Boas and Malinowski, Physics and Anthropology, through Laboratory and Field', History of Anthropology Newsletter 39.2 (December 2012): 3–10

'Culture and Mechanics in Germany, 1869–1918: A Sketch', Weimar Culture and Quantum Mechanics: Selected Papers by Paul Forman and Contemporary Perspectives on the Forman Thesis, edited by Cathryn Carson, Alexei Kojevnikov and Helmuth Trischler (London/Singapore: Imperial College Press/World Scientific, 2011): 277–292

'Michelson and the Observatory: Physics and the Astronomical Community in Late Nineteenth Century America', The Heavens on Earth: Observatory Techniques in Nineteenth-Century Science, edited by David Aubin, Charlotte Bigg and H. Otto Sibum (Durham/London: Duke University Press, 2010): 225–252

'The Fin de Siècle Thesis', Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 31 (2008): 311–330

'Fog, Dust and Rising Air: Understanding Cloud Formation, Cloud Chambers, and the Role of Meteorology in Cambridge Physics in the Late 19th Century', Intimate Universality: Local and Global Themes in the History of Weather and Climate, edited by James R. Fleming, Vladimir Jankovic and Deborah Coen (New York: Science History Publications, 2006): 93–113

Richard Staley